What is exact purpose of the 'Read' 'Write' permission of a user group

Dear Support,

I would like to know what are these permissions for? It seems that they don’t affect a repository permission. So if a user group has write permission to a certain repository, a user within this user group can push to the repository even if he/she has read permission within the group.

We are still using 4.7.2 Community Edition.

Do I miss something here, or these group member read/write permission are indeed not effective?

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Write permission on repository group allows the following:

  • can be used together with a global permissions option “create repositories on write” for repository group. It means someone without admin privileges CAN create repositories inside the group.
  • Repository groups have apply permissions to children option. This allows applying the repository group permission to all other repositories and repositories group inside it based on defined permissions.
  • When creating repositories inside repository group, there’s an INHERIT option from group permissions, it means that write is also copied to the repository, so it’s easier to apply permissions from the “template” permissions set on repository group.

Hope that helps

Hi Marcin,

I understand more or less the write/read permission on repository groups.
I have issue the get the concept behind the user group permission. Could you explain how that works

Apologize, i’m not sure why i read repository group!

  • Read permissions to user group allows it to be accessible via autocomplete, so someone can ADD user group to his repository because of read permissions. In later releases we also introduced public user group profiles so one can see the members of user group with READ permissions.

Write is unused now, but we kept the same semantics as for other.

Thanks Marcin! Clear now…