VS server on another machine?

Can we install a VCS server on another machine with The CE version? What are the requirements of a VCS server?

Yes this is possible you have to configure the connection and hooks external addresses. However in most cases you don’t need do put vcsserver on another machine.

What would be the reason for you to do so?

oh the idea is to split the work in two different machine and isolate possibly the load and maybe later scale. Can a VCS server be used by 2 different instances for the same repo?

Yes VCSServer can be used by two instances, it’s operating over HTTP RPC type APIs.
We actually often recommend having 2 instances of RhodeCode and 1 vcsserver for dividing CI traffic and end users traffic.

You could easily handle 100s of users using a single machine with 1 rhodecode (having multiple gunicorn gevent workers) and 1 vcsserver.

Scaling horizontally vcsserver and rhodecode should be done firstly on the same machine, and only at later stage on multiple machines, however this setup is for cases when you have 1000s of users, and we generally don’t recommend it since it makes the infrastructure much more complex.

But happy to guid you on how to do it if you really need it.

which kind of machine are we talking about? Fore code.rhodecode.com are you using a dedicated machine?

code.rhodecode.com is a dedicated machine (quite big, 8 CPU 64G RAM, but we need it there for several reasons)