Version numbers inconsistency since the 5.0.x release

Hi there!

I noticed some version numbers inconsistency in the RhodeCode UI since the release of the 5.x branch.

First, here are info from my “Env”:

RC_VERSION          5.0.1

Then, in the web interface’s footer, when the option “Show RhodeCode version” is enabled, I can read:

RhodeCode 5.0.0 Community Edition | Support | Documentation

More important, from the system info, the latest_version seems stucked to the 4.x branch.
rhodecode_version, rhodecode-enterprise-ce, rhodecode-enterprise-ee and rhodecode-vcsserver are also not aware of the latest minor revision (5.0.0 instead of 5.0.1). See below.


rhodecode_version                                           : RhodeCode Community Edition, version 5.0.0
latest_version                                              : 4.27.1

vcs_backends                                                : Enabled backends in order: hg,git,svn
vcs_server                                                  : vcsserver:10010@ver:5.0.0 via http mode[workers:1], connection:connected
git                                                         : version reported from VCSServer: 2.44.0
hg                                                          : version reported from VCSServer: 6.3.3
svn                                                         : version reported from VCSServer: 1.14.2 (r1899510)


rhodecode-enterprise-ce                                     : 5.0.0                (/home/rhodecode/venv/lib/python3.11/site-packages)
rhodecode-enterprise-ee                                     : 5.0.0                (/home/rhodecode/venv/lib/python3.11/site-packages)
rhodecode-tools                                             : 3.0.0                (/home/rhodecode/venv/lib/python3.11/site-packages)
rhodecode-vcsserver                                         : 5.0.0                (/home/rhodecode/venv/lib/python3.11/site-packages)

Finally, you may know that the latest Subversion release is 1.14.3. This could be a great opportunity to upgrade this package!


Hi Justin,

indeed in 5.0.1 there was a problem with reported version but 5.0.2 release should report this properly. Sorry about that!

Regarding subversion, good news, we already bumped this here:

and the beta images have latest subversion running, and this will be a part of 5.1.0 release coming this month

Nice! The reported version with 5.0.2 is correct, indeed.

Unfortunately, “Latest version” is still in the 4.x branch, which also makes the “Check for updates” link useless because it says that I’m running the latest stable version, which is 4.27.1!

By the way, what is the correct alias to set my update channel to the latest release:

./rcstack cli set-runtime-image stable
./rcstack cli set-runtime-image release
./rcstack cli set-runtime-image master
./rcstack cli set-runtime-image edge


This is not so clear from documentation pages I think.

Hi !

the check for updates endpoint now reports properly 5.0.2 ! Thanks for pointing this out.

regarding the release channels there are two

./rcstack cli set-runtime-image stable
./rcstack cli set-runtime-image beta

Stable is official releases, beta is latest release from latest commits

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