VCS upgrades policy


I installed RhodeCode 4.16.0 (current version is 4.16.2) and I see that the bundled Mercurial is 4.6.2, a released from 9 months ago.

I have two questions:

  1. What is the policy of RhodeCode for upgrading the versions of the VCSes?
  2. Is it possible to tell my RhodeCode instance to use another Mercurial installed on the machine instead of the bundled one?



You cannot use other Mercurial that provided with our setup. This is mostly due to version incompatibilities of Mercurial. We gurantee that the shipped Mercurial version is compatible with all our features.

Our upgrade policy for Mercurial is to upgrade to latest possible versions asap. That said we had big issues with latest mercurial since there were a lot of internal API changes that broke lot of things in RhodeCode, the good news is that next minor release 4.17 will have Mercurial 4.9.X support since we took extra time to upgrade RhodeCode to handle new Mercurial changes


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