Upgrading a Windows v1.5.3


I am quite new to RhodeCode. A previous collegue left me with a V1.5.3 on Windows. I want to update, also because of some Python vulnerabilites. Also, I do not know if Community / Enterprise was a thing back then.

Now I can either try to update that or migrate to the latest version. As I have read, there is no 4.x community edition. Also, I need to migrate all the existing repositories currently living on my D: drive.

What would be the best thing to do?


We’d recommend installation of Community free edition and then migrating repositories over.
However if that’s a big problem there’s an 1.X upgrade path as well: Upgrade From RhodeCode Enterprise 1.x or 2.x — RhodeCode Control 1.24.3 1.24.3 documentation

Thanks for the reply.
Which version of the community free edition should I install? I guess 3.x, right?
Also, can I do a standalone installation and then copy the repositories over to a new server?
Is the new edition then running a newer version of python as there seem to be some vulnerabilities in the old 2.7?