Upgrade from RhodeCode 2.2.5 to latest Community Edition

I have been given the task of upgrading our current (old) RhodeCode 2.2.5 installation to the latest Community Edition and am having trouble finding documentation on this process.

I’ve installed RhodeCode Control and RhodeCode CE in a virtual and tried just moving the old repo to this install but had no luck. Is there a proper upgrade process to follow when moving from such an older version of RhodeCode? If I have to go with a fresh install and just port over the existing repo data I am fine with that, as setting up user accounts shouldn’t be too bad.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.


Please follow this for a complete upgrade procedure.


Let us know if something is unclear, or we can further help.


It is my understanding that our currently RhodeCode install is not an Enterprise install, just the free version. Does that matter and can I still follow these same upgrade instructions? I had already went over the linked procedure but didn’t think it could be used because it says it is for Enterprise.

Sorry that indeed is a bit confusing, The upgrade from 2.X to 4.X is for an EE edition because that was initially what was in 2.X, but after that migration you can switch edition to CE (free).