Unarchive repository?

In the settings of a repository, section “advanced”, I clicked the button “Archive this repository”. It made the repository read-only and not listed in the dashboard.

How do I revert this action? I was expecting the “Archive this repository” button to become “Unarchive this repository”, but this is not the case.

Here’s an extract from documentation about that:

Unarchiving a repository

Archive operation for the repository is similar as delete. Archive keeps the data for future references
but makes the repository read-only. After archiving the repository it shouldn't be modified in any way.
This is why repository settings are disabled for an archived repository.

If there's a need for unarchiving a repository for some reasons, the interactive
ishell interface should be used.

.. code-block:: bash

  # Open iShell from the terminal
  $ rccontrol ishell enterprise-1/community-1

.. code-block:: python

  # Set repository as un-archived
  In [1]: repo = Repository.get_by_repo_name('SOME_REPO_NAME')
  In [2]: repo.archived = False
  In [3]: Session().add(repo);Session().commit()