Unable to push mercurial repo with large files

Hi Team,

Unable to push a Mercurial repository with large files to New repo in Rhodecode. When I try to push the repo getting below error.

abort: largefile baffc8dbe95b9065426f211e83322dec30aa4e01 missing from store (needs to be uploaded)

Please help to resolve the issue. Thanks in Advance.

You enabled largefiles extension on your repo or globally ?

Hi Marcin,

Largefiles extension enabled in both Mercurial and Rhodecode settings. Thanks

It looks for me that someone send an info about largefiles to the central RhodeCode server and never uploaded it. Could be the case that someone else has this largefile and he didn;t push it ?

We have mercurial repositories with .hglf folder and it has all large files. we are trying to push that repo to new repo in Rhodecode. Seems while pushing Mercurial checking for large files in cache and not finding it and failed push.

We are able to add and commit large files to New repo in Rhodecode. When we are pushing existing repos, facing this issue. Thanks

I think for new repos you need to use the special flag when pushing:
--lfrev REV [+] upload largefiles for these revisions

Did you tried that ?

I am not finding --lfrev REV [+] flag for hg push. hg pull have this flag to pull the large files. Thanks

Please consider updating your hg client to later version. Mine (3.9.1) has this flag.


Thanks Marcin, Do we need to add all the large file revision numbers while pushing?