Unable to clone git repositories with the '.git' suffix

We’ve recently updated to the 4.7.1 and now on git repo cloning attempt we are getting “Repository not found” error.

Repositories without the ‘.git’ suffix work ok.

It must be related to GIT LFS changes, we’ll check this, cloning with .git suffix wasn’t “officially” supported. We’ll try to make this tested and supported now.

Quick questions, inside rhodecode repositories name that have problems do have .git at the end, or you just add it durring cloning ?

After some investigation we think it’s going to be very hard to support repo names with ‘.git’ because of the internal handling of GIT repos (.git should be a bare repo, github doesn’t allows such names because of that)

Is it possible you can rename your repositories to remove the .git suffix ?

Ok, understood - we will rename our repos.
Thank you for the clarification.


Just to add some information after 4.7 release it’s now possible to do a clone using the .git suffix.

git clone https://example.com/git-repo

Will clone a regular git repo


git clone https://example.com/git-repo.git

will clone a repo in a bare format.