The official release of RhodeCode 5.0.0

Hi, community!
We’re thrilled to announce the official release of RhodeCode 5.0.0! Supported by your feedbacks and help, we’re shaped it and are finally ready to roll it out for all users out there.

What’s new in RhodeCode 5.0.0?
Full Python 3.11 support
which means improvements in speed, security, and access to the latest libraries and features.

Upgrade of dependency libraries
which improved overall security and reliability.

Git LFS support with remote sync
which ensures efficient asset handling without bloating the repository history.

Archive generation and caching
which, along with the ability to set cache size limits, ensures resource consumption efficiency.

statsd Metrics Integration
which provides insights into traffic, usage, and other performance metrics.

And much more! In addition, this version includes multiple performance and stability improvements. Check our latest blog post and release notes to see the full list of updates. Feel free to share your thoughts on the upgrade process via our Feedback form.

Yours performantly,
The RhodeCode team

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