SVN co path not found


When doing svn operations with the svn-proxy on. I can do full checkout directly on the apache2 URL/port, but does not work with the rhodecode proxy:

A game3_test2/branches/prototypes/JobExperiments/UnityEditor/Data/Resources/Layouts/Tall.wlt
svn: E160013: ‘/game3_test2/!svn/rvr/2497/branches/prototypes/JobExperiments/UnityEditor/Data/Resources/ScriptTemplates/83-Testing__EditMode%20Test%20C%23%20Script%20(internal)-NewEditModeTest.cs.txt’ path not found

cat /home/felix/.rccontrol/community-1/community.log | grep NewEditModeTest.cs

2017-03-30 09:09:56.471 INFO [rhodecode.lib.middleware.request_wrapper] IP: Request to /game3_test2/!svn/rvr/2497/branches/prototypes/JobExperiments/UnityEditor/Data/Resources/ScriptTemplates/83-Testing__EditMode Test C# Script (internal)-NewEditModeTest.cs.txt time: 0.110s
[30/Mar/2017:09:09:56 +0000] GNCRN <2169> rqt:0.216934 404 429 "GET:/game3_test2/!svn/rvr/2497/branches/prototypes/JobExperiments/UnityEditor/Data/Resources/ScriptTemplates/83-Testing__EditMode Test C# Script (internal)-NewEditModeTest.cs.txt " usr:felix “-” “SVN/1.9.4 (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu) serf/1.3.8”

works from browser directly to apache2:!svn/rvr/2497/branches/prototypes/JobExperiments/UnityEditor/Data/Resources/ScriptTemplates/83-Testing__EditMode%20Test%20C%23%20Script%20(internal)-NewEditModeTest.cs.txt

Any suggestions?

It’s a know issue with “#” characters in the path

This fix will be in the next release, until then you can apply the patch from the ticket

Thanks Marcin - where is the patch and how do I apply it?

Sorry it was in the ticket attached to the one i sent.

thanks I applied the patch, but fails with this file now:

svn: E160013: ‘/game3_test2/!svn/rvr/2497/branches/prototypes/JobExperiments/UnityEditor/Data/Resources/ScriptTemplates/83-Testing__PlayMode%20Test%20MonoBehaviour%20C%23%20Script%20(internal)-NewPlayModeTestMonoBehaviour.cs.txt’ path not found


83-Testing__PlayMode Test MonoBehaviour C# Script (internal)-NewPlayModeTestMonoBehaviour.cs.txt

are you using the latest version of RhodeCode ?

Any chance for instructions how to reproduce this ?



I am running VERSION: 4.6.1, and not sure how to reproduce it, could the issue be in “”?


But it fails for all my files with “#” char in the filename

We’ll investigate this with given example path as your shown.


Thanks let me know if I should test/do something


We tested a simple example file file c#.cs and it works correctly with the PATCH applied.

And without this patch mentioned inside the ticket, we do get this:

/tmp # svn co
svn: E160013: '/svn-test/!svn/rvr/2/file%20c%23.cs' path not found

Did you restart the server AFTER the patch, and also removed the .pyc file ?

Yes I am sure I did a restart, here is what I did:

“patch < patch.txt”

(can I uploads the file somehow?)

MD5 (/Users/felix/Downloads/ = 52710a70fd8845affdc69cee60be23bf

It might be that the cached file is used, can you also remove a simplesvn.pyc from where you patched the file, and then restart ?

after remove og “.pyc” file and manual restart it seems to work! - thanks again