Subversion email integration doesn't work

Subversion email integration doesn’t work still. Really I have never seen it that it works. We have more than 200 Gb in repositories and we need that this feature works well. We have made a git repository and add an email integration. When we made some changes in the repository we receive the emails perfectly so it isn’t an email’s server misconfiguration.
Rhodecode community version 4.11.5

Hi Joseba,

as of 4.12 release out yesterday. SVN hooks are fully supported !

Please check out this release.

Hello Marcin.
I have upgraded to 4.12.4.
Ldap, repositories etc. ok.
Email integration: In the beginning, still didn’t work, but if you delete them and create them again, email integration works.
Currently, 420 repositories.
94 GB.
Great tool.
Thank you.

This is related to new SVN hook requirement. Please check:

For old repositories you have to install hooks manually per-repo or run remap and rescan.