Shadown repos for non-existent prs?


I noticed the drive of my rhodecode container getting fuller and fuller and checked the repos folder. there are shadow repos in there which do not have a pr. the folders are named “.__shadow_repo_10_pr-1212”, where I would say that 1212 is the PR id, correct? But there is no PR with that ID and the shadow repo ist ~2GB size. There are also more shadown repos than open PRs. Can I just safely delete them? I was searching for a cleanup command in the command line but could not find anything.
Thank you for the great software!



Yes it’s safe to delete the unused ones, they should be actually deleted once you close a PR. Do you maybe use an older version that didn’t do that :slight_smile:

No, this was acually happening just the day I posted. We are using 4.25.2 since long time. Is there a setting which has to be toggled?