Services stack does not start: "plugin loki found but disabled"

Unfortunately my new dockerized deployment of 5.0.3 stopped working. After a service downtime of the host, Rhodecode does not start.

The command to start the service stack simply returns:

Error response from daemon: error looking up logging plugin loki: plugin loki found but disabled

How can I fix this?

@rhodecode-support Can you help, please? I really need my SVN back …

After a lot of googling I found the solution in a different project.

If this error occurs, you need to give the command

docker plugin enable loki

in the server shell. After that the services stack can be started normally.

@dolobanko This should be definitely in the docs! And/or ./rcstack should check/handle this.

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Hi! Glad that you were able to resolve the issue, and thanks for a feedback! We will definitely add this to the docs and consider adding check to rcstack!