RhodeCode supervisor can't start


I have setup a fresh RhodeCode community 4.5.2, and imported a large (1.5 GB) Hg repo in it. While trying to clone I noticed 100% CPU on .gunicorn process, and after a few minutes decided to halt, provide more RAM and CPU to the VM, and start again.

But then nothing works, all processes are unknown to rccontrol. Here is the output of rccontrol -v status: http://pastebin.com/QVG9bx3p It seems that the HTTP supervisor is down.

Would love to know how to recover from this…

I just rebooted once again and now everything works! Sorry for the noise

Just for information, it’s well know that RhodeCode needs a big amount of memory.
Example: 50 concurrents users, 32 GB memory.