Rhodecode on Mac?

Since 2011 we are running Rhodecode 1.1.8 on a MacMini without any major problems. That machine has now finally reached its end of life. I today wanted to migrate this to a new MacMini, only to be greeted by zsh: bad CPU type in executable: ./rhodecode-venv/bin/python.

I tried reinstalling the Python venv, but even though I installed pip install paster, it does not install the paster binary, so I cannot launch Rhodecode.

Unfortunately, it seems that upgrading to latest RhodeCode is also not an option, as I cannot find any mention of MacOS anywhere, not even in the FAQ. Downloads are only available for Linux and Windows, and they are binaries, so will not run on a Mac.

Given that the old Rhodecode ran quite fine on our Mac, is there any particular reason why the current version won’t run on Mac? After all, it’s just a different Unix system.



We no longer support native Mac installations. The performance i compilation problems for installer caused the stop of support. Please consider running it on Docker, or inside a VM

That’s a pity. What performance problems were you experiencing? Docker on Mac is unbearable slow and unstable, and not production ready in any way. But even with a VM, I cannot imagine why that could be faster than native Mac version.

This is just installer problems you are talking about? So it’s still python and I could install from source, and it would run on Mac?

If not, what is the last version that’s still working on Mac? When I do pip install rhodecode, I get version 2.2.6. Are there installation instructions for that version anywhere?

Yes this is an installer problem mostly.
RhodeCode even the latest version would be a pure python app that you could install directly on a Mac.
But the installer itself had a problem with some C compiled packages, so if this is not a problem probably you can run it natively.

But this setup requires a LOT of knowledge about how to setup all components of our app which is not trivial, not to mention upgrades would be a pain too.

Running a VM with installer probably is the best option with just a slight overhead of virtualization.

Ok, thanks for the info. We found another old MacMini which can run the old RhodeCode 1.1.8, this gives us some time to investigate the other options.