Repository Groups support with SVN


I’ve set up a Rhodecode instance using the new rcstack and I have an issue when trying to use Repository Groups with SVN. Only the SVN repositories that are at the root seems to work properly.

I’m using Rhodecode 4.28.0.REL.2023.04.05.1

In the rc_cluster_apps-svn-1 logs I can see that this request: “filename”:“dav_svn:/var/opt/rhodecode_repo_store/repository_group_name/test_repository” generate this error: “Can’t open file ‘/var/opt/rhodecode_repo_store/repository_group_name/format’: No such file or directory”
And the svn client output this error : “Could not find the requested SVN filesystem”

Is it that repository groups cannot be used with SVN or do I have an error in my config?



can you try to restart SVN instance ?

./rcstack stack rhodecode restart svn

The way it works is that a NEW group needs to modify apache config, once this is done once all repos in that group would work.

That fixed it, thanks a lot!

If you’re a heavy SVN user, please try our 5.0.0 release which is available in docker.hub This comes with latest 1.14.X SVN support and also is python3

to switch from 4.X to 5.X simply following this

    ./rcstack cli set-runtime-image beta
    ./rcstack stack all down
    ./rcstack stack all up -d

We’d love your feedback on SVN support for this major upgrade that we did.