Rcextensions; extract_pre_commits


while experimenting with the rcextensions, I got an empty list at
commit_list = extract_pre_commits.run(**kwargs)
so I digged into the code and found, that get_hg_commit is nih.

I don’t know how to conveniently implement/debug this, because my current setup was: Enable debugging and printing Loginformation while running ‘push’ on a client (I use it in pre_push_hook)



This is an unfortunate limitations of Mercurial. The only way to get the information about pre transaction commits is to operate on mercurial object that are passed in into hooks. Which is not accessible when the pre_commit hooks is executed.

We haven’t found a way to make it work till now.

So, the pre_commit hook is not triggered by the mercurial pretxnchangegroup hook, right?