Push through http doesn`t trigger webhook

As mentioned above, when i am push to my repository through http it will not trigger a webhook. When using ssh all is fine. Where i can start to find out a problem?

RhodeCode Community Edition, version 4.16.2


Please upgrade to 4.17.X release, and also then check in repository settings > advanced > hooks if it’s fine.

Potentially webhook call missing could be something wrong with the hooks ?

So, i upgraded to 4.17.3, and it still doesn`t trigger webhook on http push(
I am attached a screenshot with repository webhooks.

What else i can check or provide to you to help me with this?)

Can you share the webhook configuration ? Also we recommend checking the logs for any sign of webhook calls.

You need those hooks settings?

The webhook itself is defined in integrations, we wanted to see those settings.

And have you checked the logs searching for webhook ? IT would be good to enable debug logs as well.

This is closest what i found about webhook integration - pastebin
I can upload whole log file if you want.
I go check out logs when pushing through ssh if it help. All is fine with ssh - pastebin