Primary release announcements channel

I found that the Announcements for new releases are scattered around this site, Twitter, the blog and very old ones are on google groups. I would like to be notified of new releases. What is the primary channel?

Thank you!


Thanks for that questions, It’s been a bit chaotic in the past i must admit.
Here’s what we currently settled on:

You can check and review what has been added to each version in there

  • This also generates an API entry so new releases show up on the admin > settings > system info > Check for updates link

We also have an announcement email + twitter + blog campaign always after a major release. So e.g when 4.16 is current version and we release 4.17 we do the above. However we do this only when a release is stable, so usually we announce when 4.17.2 or 4.17.3 is out containing stable improvements.

In Summary, if you want to check for a release go to docs, or use the Check for updates link, or wait for a blog entry on our website and announcement email to ugprade to a release we know has been battle tested and proven for “longer time”

Hope that is clear :slight_smile:

p.s 4.17.X release announcement will be this week (a while after release has been pushed to download servers)