Possible to set SVN properties and keywords?

I am new to RhodeCode and am currently exploring the Community Editoin features and usage.

One thing I have stumbled across is the question whether it is possible to set SVN keywords such as $Revision:$ or $Author:$ for a file that would then be updated (>Revision) with each commit?

I could not find any reference to this in the documentation, so any hint or help would be greatly appreciated.


HI Marie,

Could you give a more context / description for this ? We’re not sure we understand where those keywords would be set ?


it is this SVN feature I am talking about… Keyword Substitution

Unlike git, where the revision is abstract and normally only visible through the commit IDs, SVN is the successor of CVS/RCS, which had the ability to dynamically fill special keywords embedded in a source file with content and among these were a revision number and information on the date/time of the last commit, the author, etc.

In SVN this $Revision$ label would then be expanded to hold the revision number or perhaps rather the commit count like this $Revision 3$. We need this for version control within Matlab, where our colleagues currently have no way of saying with which version of a script they processed certain data. Being able to place the Revision keyword into a variable definition would not only always have the current commit count in the script, but with this being a variable, the commit count could also be extracted and used in comments attached to operations, etc.

Hope this helps to clarify my issue.