No tree shown in RhodeCode 5.2.1

Hello all,

From my rcstack 5.2.1 install, I can’t see any tree view at the left from the “Summary” or “Commits” view. This is true for both SVN and Git repos.

From what I can remember from a very old test install, there should be a revision tree at the left of the view.
Am I wrong?


what version of RhodeCode are you using btw ?

./rcstack --version => 5.2.1

The footer of the web view states 5.0.0.

The Admin > Settings > System info states:

RhodeCode Version:  RhodeCode Community Edition, version 5.0.0
Latest version:     4.27.1

Please also note that the current view at rhodecode-enterprise-ce Changelog · RhodeCode Free Hosting looks the same.

yes, there is some problem with a static file called

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