Need detailed instructions setup Rhodecode to manage Mercurial repos

Am task to setup a Mercurial server and use Rhodecode to provide user access. I’m finding instructions on installing Mercurial and on installing Rhodecode but cannot find any docs explaining how to “connect the two”. Thanks for any help/guidance. rhnelson


You don’t need to connect the two. RhodeCode uses Mercurial under the hood and exposes the web interface so you can connect via mercurial CLI into RhodeCode.

RhodeCode installer installs all required dependencies, including Mercurial

Thanks for the prompt reply. I apologize upfront for my questions but I’ve
been battling this for a few days. I seem to be missing some basic
knowledge. I’m using the community version. I installed per the
instructions but the instructions indicate for me to install the “VSCServer”.
What is this? Do I install this? I can’t find any information on this.

We have started using Mercurial at my company. I’ve been tasked to setup a
Mercurial server with a Rhodecode interface. All the Googling implies this
should be simple but for me it is not. I was hoping for some instructions
to install and then walk me through the steps. Granted as an embedded
firmware developer, some of the terminology is strange.

I would appreciate any direction or help.
Randy Nelson

Hi Randy,

VCSServer is our component that “talks” into Mercurial on filesystem. You basically need to install VCSServer, then install Community. Then it should all work.

P.S. Please consider joining our Slack community channel under . Get access to our development team as well as community members always willing to help.


Thanks for the information. Yes I did find the VCSServer on the system
architecture page. The block diagram makes sense. I followed the defaults
and completed the installation.

I’m not sure what to do next. I’m assuming there is a process to load (or
provide) access to my existing Mercurial repos so that Rhodecode can
provide this information/access to other users. I believe this is thorugh a
web interface. Any information/documentation doing the above. Thanks for
the help and I’m really sorry to be bothering you.

I also joined the Slack community channel. I not sure what to do with it


In the various Doc pages Apache is mentioned. Do I need to setup Apache as
a web server to allow users to access the rhodecode web based from end?


Apache or Nginx is not required but highly recommended. If you setup rhodecode via so local IP you HAVE to proxy the requests via Apache in order to the web interface be accessible to outside users. It also would allow you to put SSL certificates and have RhodeCode available via HTTPS protocol.

On the slash community I was told to use Apache OR change in my
rhodecode.ini to the real IP address of my server. I’m in a <20 engineer
design group and we want to use Mercurial to store our firmware code and
use Rhodecode to manage. This is internal and our network is not available
outside our building. So even though I can try to setup Apache, we prefer
not to unless needed.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry meant to say changed to .