Migrating data between versions

Looking for suggestions on the easiest path to migrate Community 4.12.3 on CentOS6 to CentOS7 on a new machine. Looking to avoid rccontrol bug 5501 issue that has cropped up on my test machine. I am installing a new machine with CentOS 7 and need to migrate users, data and permissions from the old server and version.


So first: the https://issues.rhodecode.com/issues/5501 has been addressed in the later versions of control. It means if you upgrade control to the latest version you should not be hit by this issue. RhodeCode can stay the same 4.12.3 version.

Finally, the easier way to migrate would be to use https://docs.rhodecode.com/RhodeCode-Enterprise/admin/backup-restore.html

All required informations for RhodeCode is stored in the community-1 directory database, and repository storage.