Migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL with mysql-migrator fails

Dear Support,

I am trying to migrate out 7.6 SonarQube server from MySQL to Postgres, in preparation to update to 8.0. I am trying to DB converter tool: mysql-migrator
It fails however with the following error:
“Unexpected record count in target table ‘users’. Got 2, expected 1”

Indeed there are 2 users in the target DB: postgres and sonar
I created the later one, as I think that is a best practice not to use the ‘root’ user.

Please advice.


Issue also created onther the migration tool project: https://github.com/SonarSource/mysql-migrator/issues/50

For someone in the same situation:
I ended up removeing the ‘sonar’ user from postgresql.
Used the migration script to move/migrate the database.
Recreated the ‘sonar’ user in postgresql.