Merge without commit

Hi together,

we are working with the branching model from Driessen (

When we do a Hotfix, and create 2 pull requests, one to the master branch the other to develop. After the merge we have a commit on Master, which is not on develop. So when doing another Hotfix, the PR to develop would contain the Commit “Merge into Master”.

Is there any way to imlement the git merge --no-commit -ff into the pull request? Also, when there is a similar option for Mercurial?


yes this will come soon as a merge strategies option. We’ll allow different merge strategies when doing a merge. Currently this is unfortunetly not available.

It’s probably an easy fix to introduce same option for GIT, maybe you want to contribute it :)?

i had a look at the repo and will start to search where to add this :smiley:



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