Mercurial Extensions not working

Just starting to evaluate RhodeCode CE. We’ve been using Mercurial for several years and have custom extensions in use. So far I have been unable to get RhodeCode to use these extensions. I am pretty confident that RhodeCode isn’t even using our global hgrc file. Looking for some clear documentation on how to use custom mercurial extensions and enable the global hgrc file.


Yes infact RhodeCode doesn’t suppor global hgrc files. But we do have an in database structure that is similar (section,key,value)

Filling the values in there (manually) would allow custom extensions to work.

Here’s an example how to create a new entry using the ishell interface.

rccontrol ishell enterprise-1 
rccontrol ishell community-1

In [1]: new_entry = RhodeCodeUi()
In [2]: new_entry.ui_active = True
In [3]: new_entry.ui_section = 'hooks'
In [4]: new_entry.ui_key = 'pretxnchangegroup.pre_push'
In [5]: new_entry.ui_value = 'python:vcsserver.hooks.log_push_action'
In [6]: Session().add(new_entry);Session().commit()

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the quick response. This got us pointed in the right direction and we now have our custom extensions running.