Issue with delete in the web UI?

Good day to all

I have been playing around a bit with the community edition (version 4.26) and there seems to be a weird issue when deleting file via the web UI, at least for git repositories:

  1. OK: files in the root of a repository can be deleted via UI
  2. OK: a file in a subdirectory can be deleted via UI, as long as it is the only file in that subdirectory
  3. NOT OK: a file in a subdirectory cannot be deleted via UI, if there are other files and/ or folders in the same subdirectory

On 3. there is even a „file successfully deleted“ message as well as a corresponding commit - but the file none the less does not get deleted.

The above happens only with the web UI, via command line or e.g. a graphical git client it works as it should, read: a file also can be deleted in case 3. e.g. locally on a cloned repository with commit & push to CE

Is this something known or something that just happens for me, resp. is specific to my installation? (Linux, not Windows)

Is there a possibility to fix this? Where in the code one would have to look for it? (I am not really into python, but I none the less could give it a try…)


Could you try to reproduce this on instance ? It’s free to use and register.

Hi there

sure, just did so - same issue is replicable on


Steps to reproduce:

  1. navigate via WebUI to /a/
  2. chose b.txt
  3. chose to delete b.txt
  4. commit delete
  5. again view the path /a/ via WebUI: both files still there
    (I made screenshots of the individual steps, but I can only upload one it seems - so bellow the view of the commit, step 4, showing the issue)

commit view (of the commit where the deletion should have happened):

=> neither /a/a1.txt nor /a/b.txt can be deleted via UI

Does this help?

Thank you, yes indeed there’s a problem with that. We’ll investigate and check

Sounds good :slightly_smiling_face: thank you

Good day there - since this remained quite quiet for a while now - someone already had time to have a look at the delete issue via web UI?


We’ve found the cause, but it’s non trivial to fix. It’s an issue with one of the dependencies we can’t really upgrade ATM. We’ll exploring alternative solutions here.

Thank you very much for the update/ feedback, really appreciated.

By the sound of your formulation I would assume this will then be something that won’t be fixable or „workaround-able“ too soon, meaning more likely somewhere maybe early next year, am I right?
(just for the record: fine for me, it is a community edition after all - I am asking more from my own expectations management perspective and less from an expectation perspective :wink: )