Is there a way to create a proxy

Is there a way to create a central instance of CE and then give local Proxy


Can you elaborate little bit on the topic. It’s little bit unclear what is the use case and what are you trying to achieve ?


Main office located in one datacenter. Another in another part of the world. Is there an ability to have a local proxy of the main source in the main office. Something like svnsnyc or p4 proxy.


Thanks for clarification. This is possible in with much limitations, a combination of proper hooks/api calls to have a read-only replica.

With our new eventing system we’re working on it’s going to be easier to create an independent replicas that propagate data to another server.

We however now learned that usually people tend to have 1 shared database and local NFS “directories”, per instance. It looks like 1 global system but behaves more like a local one since groups used by Asia are in asia ones from Europe are used in Europe.