Is the owner automatically assigned as 'reviewer' to pull request?

Dear Support,

Sometimes we see that the ‘admin’ user is assigned as reviewer to a pull request.
We guess this is coming from the fact that this user is the owner of some repositories.
Is this the case? So the owner always part of the pull request review?

What is the best practice regarding repository owner? Should this be a dedicated user, or some kind of built-in account?
If it is a normal user, he/she has admin rights on the repo, which I don’t like. I rather work with user-groups, instead of individual users, so I try to eliminate as much explicit user rights as possible.
The owner is an exception, so I tried to make ‘admin’ as owner.

But know, admin ends up in a review, also not really practical.

Would be nice to have:

  • the possibility to assign a user-group as reviewer
  • the owner is not by default a reviewer
  • the owner is a user-group

Any of these possible?

Thanks and regards,

Hi Tamas,

All the features you asked about are available in the EE edition and it comes in the default reviewers functionality where you can fine-tune who and based on what rules needs to do an review of a pull-request.


Hi Marcin,

Thanks, good to know :).