Incopatibility with IE11

Rhodecode 4.13.2 is incompatible with Internet Explorer 11.
Debug-Console states:

SCRIPT1003: ":" expected
rhodecode-components.js (396,23)

rhodecode-components.js at this position:

const StyleGather = {

     * Returns a list of <style> elements in a space-separated list of `dom-module`s.
     * @memberof Polymer.StyleGather
     * @param {string} moduleIds List of dom-module id's within which to
     * search for css.
     * @return {!Array<!HTMLStyleElement>} Array of contained <style> elements
     * @this {StyleGather}
     stylesFromModules(moduleIds) {  // This is line 396
      const modules = moduleIds.trim().split(/\s+/);
      const styles = [];
      for (let i=0; i < modules.length; i++) {
      return styles;

Seems to be, that (untranspiled?) ES2015-Code is used here, which is not compatible mit IE11.
Works in Edge, Chrome and FF btw.


@rhodecode-support: is this a known issue?

Yes, but we’re unable to solve this until a big package rebuild unfortunately.

Ok, thanks. I’ll keep an eye on changelog.

We deployed new code onto our development server at which now should support IE browsers.


Great, works as expected with Rhodecode 4.14.0.