Include Commit Message as part of Redmine Integration

I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the template used by the Redmine integration? The integration works great. Statuses are updated as expected, and RhodeCode is adding notes to the appropriate issues. I’m currently getting something like this when a commit is made:

Commit {node id} by {User} on {Branch Name} branch changed this issue.
{Link to Commit in RhodeCode}

I’d like it to include the actual commit message that the user supplied. Is it possible to modify the template to include this additional information?


Yes it’s possible using rcextensions, please see this:

The example in our rcextensions does exactly what you want.

That’s fantastic, thank you!

Is there a more comprehensive guide available on how to use RC extensions? I read the guide here:

I was able to copy the extension templates and restart my RhodeCode instance as described, however it’s unclear to me how to go about activating any of the examples. The README.txt file in the rcextensions folder says that the file must be edited, however the example you linked says that the file should be edited.

If I want to enable the example that you linked to, on line 151, which file do I drop it into? If it goes into, Which is the appropriate hook?

I have tried dropping the example you linked directly into the end of the file, however it is not working. Any suggestions on what I should be doing to get this extension working?

Did you restart rhodecode after this change to file ?


I could have sworn I did reboot it, but I must have either forgotten or copied the example code into wrong. When I re-applied all of the above steps this morning, the extension is working correctly.

Thanks for your help both here and in Redmine!