Important notice about code.rhodecode issues

Hi, community!

We’re here to address some critical issues affecting our code.rhodecode users right now.

Current situation:

  • code.rhodecode users are facing issues with pull requests
  • code.rhodecode users may experience some performance issues

Those both are known problems, and our development team is doing our best to fix them.

What does this mean for you:

Please hold off on merges for today. This will help prevent further complications and potential issues.

What to expect:

Our team is actively working to resolve these issues. While we can’t provide a precise ETA, we will do everything to find a solution ASAP. Keep an eye on our Slack channel and Community Portal for updates.

We understand the frustration these disruptions cause and appreciate your patience. Our priority is to restore full functionality as quickly as possible. Until then, please postpone any critical actions like merges until we confirm a stable environment.

Thank you for your understanding!

Yours performantly,

The RhodeCode team

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