How to debug LDAP/AD connection?

I am trying to configure the LDAP authentication plugin, to access our company’s Active Directory.

I filled the form in Admin >> Authentication Plugins >> LDAP and clicked “save”. Of course I did not expect to get all the configuration right on my first try, but actually I have no idea what to do from here to check if my configuration is correct. What is even supposed to happen when the connection is correct? Should the user page become filled with all the LDAP users?

I tried to rccontrol restart the instance and look at the log file (with debug = true set in the ini file), but I don’t see any mention of LDAP except when it just loads the plugin.

LDAP sync is done on a first login of user who isn’t present yet in the system. If you set debug all filtering and ldap connection details would be printed into the logs.

I see. Thanks for your quick answer.