How to access rhodecode url 10002


I have quick question on rhodecode.

I have configured community addition on my server. how to access htttp://xxx.xx.xx.xx:10002
and didn’t see any http configuraion ( am using rhel 7.5.)
Can I access from out side browser.
My repo is svn repo 400 Gb can it handle…


So firstly RhodeCode can handle a 400GB repository just fine.

The 10002 port is a default local only installation, you can either reverse proxy to it via a HTTP server such as Apache or Nginx, or change the port to :80 inside rhodecode.ini file. We recommend putting an HTTP server in front and do reverse proxy. This way you can add SSL/HTTPS support and that is highly recommended to have.

Some examples of configuration via Ngnix/Apache can be found here: