High cpu and memory and many processes


Since a few weeks we see high cpu and memory usages on our Rhodecode server, even after a restart the processes are theire. I’m not sure what this processes do and why they are consuming so much CPU.

/opt/rhodecode/store/6rjyfgq8yrnzwsc4x9b6mlwi6h9qhay6-python-2.7.15/bin/python2.7 /opt/rhodecode/store/5vmp7ipy3w2m4qii4fymlz8amzc9xd3k-python2.7-rhodecode-enterprise-ce-4.23.2/bin/.rc-ssh-wrapper-wrapped /home/rhodecode/.rccontrol/community-1/rhodecode.ini --user-id=2 --user=*** --key-id=1

Using version RhodeCode Community Edition, version 4.23.2

These are ssh wrappers, so if someone does some ssh based operation it performs a clone or push via those instances.

Could be that someone is pushing or pulling a lot via the SSH backend

Thanks for your reply.
I traced it back to a Visual Studio Code plugin which creates multiple connections SSH connections to Rhodecode for each repo. Very strange. Thanks again for your hint!