Help with svn through a reverse proxy

Dear Support,

I am struggling to setup our first svn repository in a 4.12.4 Community Edition version.
I’ve followed the documentation (Subversion With Write Over HTTP), and the setup working more or less.
Apache configuration created; mod_dav_svn.conf generated, etc.
I can checkout an svn repository using the following url:

So the basic setup works fine.

However we have a bit complicated server setup:
The rhodecode server (IP is mostly accessed through the following url:
This is done by an apache reverse proxy, running on separate server. This proxy forwards every traffic to the rhodecode server if the url contains
Meaning, that accessing the mentioned svn repository should be done through
But when I tried to checkout using this url, there was an error: is not the same as (or something similar).

I’ve checked if I can access the repository at with a browser, but it was not possible. Instead it was accessible at

I’ve modified the svn configuration part in the rhodecode.ini, and modified the svn.proxy.location_root to svn.proxy.location_root = /rhodecode.
After regenerating the apache config file I checked again, and was now working.

But still, using the proper url ( during checkout gives different kind of errors:

  1. 500 ‘Internal Server Error’
  2. 405 Method not allowed

Tried svn 1.9 as start on the client PC where I wanted to checkout the repository. Downgraded to 1.8 as I’ve found an old thread here where that was suggested. No difference.
Based on the apache error.log I’ve tried various additional things:

  1. modified the document root from /var/www/html to /repos in the apache conf (/repos is the directory where the repositories are stored on the server)
  2. Added read permission to everyone on this entry

But still, I have those 500, 405 errors when trying to checkout.

I think the problem is related to this extra twist in the reverse proxy setup. Probably not everything is forwarded, but I cannot figure out what is missing.

Kind regards,

Dear Support,

Any tips on the mentioned issue?


Dear Support,

May I have an update on this topic?


can u help how u check out the code. am getting below erro.

vn: E175002: Unable to connect to a repository at URL ‘
svn: E175002: Server sent unexpected return value (500 Internal Server Error) in response to OPTIONS request for ‘

Hi kishore,

I’ve just discovered that you have commented on this back in November. So, sorry for the late reply…
I am not sure if you already figured it out or not, but here is how we clone/checkout:

So using directly the server’s hostname in the checkout URL.

Hope this helps…