Gravatars cannot be shown on some views


I have enabled Gravatar and this works, but not on all web views.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. On a brand new Ubuntu 22.04 server, make a fresh install of RhodeCode Community beta through rcstack. When prompted, enable HTTPS/SSL.
  2. Login as a super-admin.
  3. Create a new SVN repo, checkout and make some commits.
  4. Go to Admin > Settings, then heck Use Gravatars based avatars and Save. If you have a Gravatar associated with your email address, it should now be shown in the top-right corner next to your profile name.
  5. Get back to your SVN repo: the column “Author” of the Summary page should show an avatar taken from Gravatar.
  6. Go to the File view: in the header, the Gravatar is not shown.
  7. Go to the Commits view and select a side diff view: in the header, the Gravatar is not shown.

What’s expected:
I suppose Gravatar based avatars should work globally as soon as they are enabled. Shouldn’t they?

it works a bit different.

Gravatars are only shown for “registered” users inside RhodeCode. If the email associated with a commit message doesn’t point to an actual user gravatar version is not going to be there.

Are you sure that Hello trunk commit has the same email as your other commits ?

Well, we’re talking about a single commit, so it’s the exact same user! In one view it works, in the other it doesn’t.

Commits view:

Files view:

Even if it’s not a functional issue, this one is still unsolved.
Is there any cache I can refresh to try to improve the situation?

do you have a way to reproduce this ?

We tested few repos and we cannot find a way to make this happen

do you have a way to reproduce this ?

Not more than what I wrote in the initial post.

By the way, here is the (blank) Gravatar URL of an other user:

And here is the rendering, correctly shown from the Summary and Commits views:
auto-generated Gravatar

But the header of the Files view unfortunately uses this:


which renders like this:

If you consider it useful, I’m able to give you an access to our test server if you want.

Right, so the base64 is rendered as a default image for default user, it happens when the email cant be matched…

But on our test SVN repos commiter email is properly extracted and then gravatar is used…

does it maybe have any speciial characters in commits/ author name and email ?

Is the dot considered as a special character? :grin:
No, there isn’t; neither in email address, nor in user name or full name.

How can we explain that in one page it can, but in the other it can’t?!

Sorry it looks like a bug, but we can’t reproduce this…

Manage to find that case, and pushed a fix. Next beta image would have such fix in-place !

Sounds great, thank you!

In which version is it supposed to be fixed?
I upgraded to 5.0.0.beta36 and I still see the default avatar in the “Files” tab of my repos.