Git LFS configuration

Hello community !

I have installed/deployed a RhodeCode community server to test RhodeCode and check whether it could be a match for our needs.
I have the web UI running fine, LDAP authentication working, etc… And I can push and pull my repos.

However, I wanted to push a repo with git LFS files and I wasn’t successful. From git traces, I can see that git is trying to run git-lfs-authenticate through ssh but this command does not exist.
I understand this is a command that has to be implemented by the git LFS server and my understanding was that RhodeCode was a git LFS server, and that it was storing LFS objects in the path configured in the admin panel, Settings > VCS > Git Settings. But I cannot find any git-lfs-authenticate command anywhere in RhodeCode installation.

Was I wrong to assume RhodeCode was a LFS server ? If not, what am I missing ?

Thanks for your help !

Hi !

unfortunetly there’s no git lfs support over SSH, it only works via HTTP[S].

We’re working on bumping libgit2 and our SSH workers, then it will be supported, planned for Q1 2023.

Fair enough ! I did not try with the HTTPS address. I tried now and it works. So all is good for me.

Good luck with the SSH authentication thingy. :wink:

Thanks, btw, also for not using password in git protocol, we recommend using our auth-token based authentication, so you don’t need to use a password in git operations

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