Getting Error 500

After building on a RPi3 randomly i start getting error 500 on some requests.

StatementError: Can't reconnect until invalid transaction is rolled back (original cause: InvalidRequestError: Can't reconnect until invalid transaction is rolled back) u'SELECT rhodecode_settings.app_settings_value AS rhodecode_settings_app_settings_value, rhodecode_settings.app_settings_type AS rhodecode_settings_app_settings_type, rhodecode_settings.app_settings_id AS rhodecode_settings_app_settings_id, rhodecode_settings.app_settings_name AS rhodecode_settings_app_settings_name \nFROM rhodecode_settings' [immutabledict({})] -bash: syntax error near unexpected token)’`

Does anybody know what may be causing that ?

Could you post whole traceback, and logs before and after ?

This is the start of the log and this is the traceback Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It looks like a database connection problems, Btw, please use rcserver --reload /path/to/ini.file instead and check if this also causes the errors ?


  • what version are you using ?
  • did you use nix-shell or virtualenv ?

Im using Version 4.2.0. Also found what was causing all the errors. When i start the server it errors with 404 or 500 (on some pages) and that database error made me think its a configuration or database or maybe i messed up something with building.
Turns out vcsserver was not running :disappointed_relieved: . Sorry if i wasted your time.