Failed to upgrade Community instance to 4.15.0

Basically, subj :slight_smile:

I can provide the full log, but it all boils down to:

Running Upgrade of <CommunityInstance of (community-2)> at version 4.12.3 to 4.15.0
2018-12-28 07:00:30.290 INFO [rhodecode.model] RhodeCode 4.15.0 initializing db for mysql://root:XXXXX@

File “/opt/rhodecode/store/qy6y6npssdfx02kg1cg66lgazr98lx1l-python2.7-mysql-python-1.2.5/lib/python2.7/site-packages/MySQLdb/”, line 193, in init
super(Connection, self).init(*args, **kwargs2)
sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (_mysql_exceptions.OperationalError) (2013, “Lost connection to MySQL server at ‘sending authentication information’, system error: 22”)
Upgrade of RhodeCode Community failed.

Looks like a problem with Mysql, have you checked the DB connection or Mysql error log ?

Well, I tried twice with no success, and then I rolled back to the previous version – it works fine. So, sorry no log, but I am pretty sure that the DB is ok.