Evolve extension support for Mercurial


We are trying to use evolve extension in our workflow.
However, it seems, that obsolete markers are not pushed to the central repo, which is serverd by RhodeCode CE 4.1.1.

I see the following message in VCS Server logs during the push:

obsolete feature not enabled but XX markers found!

I also see:

2016-06-20 18:21:43.926 DEBUG [vcsserver.scm_app] reading hgrc from /xxx/xxx/xxx/.hg/hgrc
2016-06-20 18:21:43.927 DEBUG [vcsserver.scm_app] settings ui from file: [extensions] evolve=

and evolve extension is enabled in repository .hgrc file.

Do we need some additional configuration or RhodeCode doesn’t support this feature yet ?

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We didn’t test with evolve extension, but it seems it needs to be enabled via our rhodecode_ui table which emulates hgrc files but it’s stored inside the database. This is how we enable phase support for example.

Have you tried to add entry manually there ? If that’s working it probably would be good to enable this next to publishing settings of Mercurial, without our per-repo settings mechanism.

Yes, thank you - it has helped!

to enable this next to publishing settings of Mercurial, without our per-repo settings mechanism
it is still experimental feature, so maybe not everyone will want it enabled for all repositories.

Btw, i’m curious how do you use evolve, what kind of workflow you have ?

I have a need to enable the evolve extension. Our workflow is to have a team work on features, each on a bookmarked branch, sharing changesets via a non-publishing staging repository. When the feature is ready the commits on the bookmarked branch may be folded and/or rebased before being integrated into the main line and pushed to the master repo, which is a publishing repo.

We’re soon having a whole new discussion on supporting evolve and phases better. Hopefully that would improve things by a lot :slight_smile:

Is there any news on this? What was the result of your discussions?

Hi, for now we have 2 customers manually enabled evolve extensions and using it without any special features required by us to integrate.

What would be your expectations from RhodeCode on evolve ? You can now manually enable it by setting an extensions inside rhodecode_ui table, and we know evolve (latest trunk version required)

happy to chat more about other requirements.

This is going to be enabled on 4.8 release. here’s the WIP ticket: https://issues.rhodecode.com/issues/5265