During stack up using Docker - > unknown flag: --env-file

`ruisantox@ruisantoxLinux:~/work/docker-rhodecode$ sudo ./rcstack --debug stack router up -d

stacks docker:
running command: RC_ENV_FILE=/home/ruisantox/work/docker-rhodecode/.custom/.runtime.env docker compose up --env-file /home/ruisantox/work/docker-rhodecode/.custom/.runtime.env -p rc_cluster_router -f docker-compose-base.yaml -f docker-compose-router.yaml -f .custom/docker-compose-router.override.yaml
ARGS: up -d

unknown flag: --env-file
See ‘docker --help’.

Usage: docker [OPTIONS] COMMAND

A self-sufficient runtime for containers`

I can not start the stack using docker instalation method.
I am running Ubuntu 24.04 and Docker Compose version v2.3.3
I pasted on top the error. Could someone help me ?

Hi !

It looks like too old compose plugin. Can you try to update your docker and docker compose

I agree. I installed using apt and being the latest ubuntu I did not paid attention to it. I will retry asap. Thank you

It worked. Maybe should we add a version check on the tooling ? I truly did not thinking on this possibility. we can close this issue thank you

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Thanks for confimation.

We’ll add minimal docker and compose version checks in the next release !

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