Do rcstack and traefik support CNAMEs?


I had an old rccontrol installation migrated to the new rcstack one.
The migration was done by following the Migration to Docker & Rcstack - RhodeCode rcstack 5.13.0 documentation documentation.

The initialization and the running instance was set with a domain. Everything works smoothly.

But I have also two CNAMEs and, redirecting to the one, and when accessing with those addresses, I’ve got the usual 404 error code page saying that the rhodecode service may not be up.

No https is yet configured.

Is this covered by the new rcstack/treafik?

Hi !

so the matching rule is define with an explicit Host match here

We’re supporting this for our own instance by using the docker-compose-apps.override.yaml file.

Here\s how it the rhodecode app looks for our case with SSL support and 3 domains

      replicas: 10

      # SSL + proxy prefix
      - "traefik.http.routers.rhodecode.entrypoints=http,https"
      - "traefik.http.routers.rhodecode.rule=Host(`${RC_HOSTNAME:?must-specify-rhodecode-hostname}`, ``, ``)"
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That’s it, I was tweaking the wrong end.

As I did not see anything about this topic in the documentation, I was not sure if that was possible. If it’s possible to add something about this in the overrides files and/or in the documentation, that would be great.