Delete a fork after a pull request has been created and closed

Dear Support,

Is there a way to delete a fork? It seems that it is not possible if there was at least 1 pull request attached to the fork.
Even if the pull request has been closed, the deletion attempt says: “…it still contains X attached pull requests.”

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In Such case the repository should be archived instead of deletion. There’s such option in latest release.

Hi Marcin,

Thanks for the reply.
I have some further struggles:

  1. If I archive the fork, I won’t be able to create a new fork with the same name. Probably if I rename it before, that would be a workaround. But now I cannot rename it, as it is nowhere listed. Nor create a new for with the same name.
    Any way to rename an archived repo?

  2. If I delete the repository (the fork) from the file system, and then run the “Destroy old data” admin task from the “Remap and Rescan” menu, the repo still exists in the database. For example in the “search/go to…” field the repository name still found. But of course when I try to navigate to the repo I got an error: “the repository <deleted_repo_name> cannot be loaded in filesystem. Please check if it exist, or is not damaged.”

So I still haven’t found a proper way to get rid of forks.

As said, I could rename it and archive it. It won’t be listed in the searches. But now I have 1 repo which is archived with the wrong name.

Why does the “Remap and Rescan” not doing what it supposed to do?