Customize or remove unlocked/public repository icon

I just installed RhodeCode on my server, and migrated a bunch of Mercurial repositories into it. I have a mix of public and private repositories. However the public and private icons look really similar and I cannot tell them apart at a glance. In particular the public/unlocked icon looks like a padlock too (if you squint you might notice it’s unlocked).

Is it possible to remove the (unlocked) padlock icon from the public repositories, or replace it with something else? Is there a theme mechanism or some customization options for the general look and feel of RhodeCode?

Hi There,

You can hide public icon under admin > settings > visual > icons.
In addition you can add your own JS/CSS into header/footer code available in admin > settings.

There are examples there to add own logo etc, it should be enough for start!


Thanks. That icon checkbox will be enough for now, and it’s nice to know I can add custom styling in the future.

Btw, we also got this feedback before, i think for 4.18 or 4.19 we plan to make more distinction between those icons.