Control over commit author/repo owner representation

I’m using RhodeCode 4.1.2 (just upgraded from 3.8.4). My issue is that in case email of commit author is bound to RhodeCode login, this login is shown as author of the commit on summary and changelog pages. Both, first name/last name specified in account settings and full author name specified in commit itself are ignored (actually shown in hint). I would prefer to see commit author fullname unchanged, is there way to control this behavior?

Moreover it looks inconsistent with author emails that aren’t bound to RhodeCode logins, in this case RhodeCode display author name followed by empty string in double quotes (assume this should be email and probably that’s a bug).


We introduced unified extraction of users in 4.X series. By unified it means now if there’s a match we map it to a link to user-profile. If there’s no match we try first to extract Firstname+Lastname from commit metadata, or fallback to email if it’s impossible to extract the data.

There’s a ticket for that:

There’s one common function that changes the display behaviour if you would alter that probably you could get the firstname/lastname combination. However that probably will break UI since it’s going to be long. Most other systems (like github) have similar behaviour when there’s a link to username inside the system.


thanks for explainded answer, I’ve got idea. Given that could pair of fixes applied to username representation code.

  1. I’m often using following format of username:

username = Roman Valov "<>"

It seems that RhodeCode just removes text between angle brackets giving me (Roman Valov “”) as a commit author.
Well, I can’t find why i’m using these quotes, all actual manuals doesn’t use quotes and it’s of course my miss, but probably it would be okay to strip quotes/any symbols close to angle brackets from username.

  1. I have two emails (corporate and personal one) and I’m making commits using either one of them. These emails are set up to have different Gravatar icons. Now I’m added both emails to single RhodeCode login, on the settings page I see different gravar icons, but in changelog I see primary email gravatar is used for either of emails making hard for them to distinguish.

Thanks in advance, Roman.

Hi Roman,

Actually you hit one important topic there. I never thought on such use case but it makes a lot of sense.

I guess since we do a lookup by email and then link to main account, maybe it would be better to actually use the original email instead of the main one, then we still can detect RC accounts but have gravatars render the “original” email.

Sorry, Marcin. It’s unclear whether first statement in your reply is about issue#1 or issue#2. Please clear this out.

2 i was referring about different gravatars under 1 account.

Okay, I was able to fix my quoted emails in usernames using convert extension due to repo is closed and I was able to force re-clone of repos on all nodes.

As of Gravatars it would be cool to get them rendered according to original emails in one of future releases, thanks!!

That has been implemented and will be a part of 4.3 release