Commit timestamp and Age presentation

Hi, we have problem with consistency of commit timestamp and “Age” column in commits overview. I think “Age” column is in the future. This could be time zone issue, but I did not find where to setup time zone for Rhodecode. Server time zone is ‘Europe/Prague’. Please see

Date in box is commit timestamp and “Age” in 1 hour and 50 minutes is wrong. It should be something like 14 minutes ago.

What version are you using ? I believe this was fixed in 4.2.X releases.

Running 4.0.1 CE

Please upgrade to 4.2.1 this issue should be solved.

I would like to, but rccontrol self-update or rccontrol update [instance-id] gives me Control entry not found in MANIFEST file at .rccontrol/cache/MANIFEST. Any idea?

Try running:

rccontrol self-update

And then rccontrol upgrade ‘*’