Comment hook of Redmine issue

Hi there
I’m using RhodeCode Enterprise 4.13.2 with Redmine integration. The plugin works fine and in every commits, it sends hooks to appropriate redmine issue and creates a note on that. What I want is similar functionality oncomments, such as comments on pull requests or notes on commit approvals and sending them on redmine issue. Is that possible?


Yes this is possible, but this comes in the paid EE version. This one has a dedicated integration on Redmine which uses RhodeCode events. Those include:

  • pullrequest closed
  • pullrequest created
  • pullrequest merged
  • pullrequest review changed
  • pullrequest commits updated


Thanks, so in trial version of EE I can’t reach that? After upgrading to paid version, what should I do to access that dedicated integration? Is there any add-ons store or something?

Sorry, I saw that Redmine integration on my EE trial version, it sends hook on Commint events, PullRequest creations, PullRequest updates such as status updates but when I write a comment on pullrequests as a Note or ToDo, nothing happen and seems that it can’t send that event to the Redmine issue. Is it my fault or it’s usual?

Yes, sorry i misread what you mean. It’s possible to send update on status change, so a comment that changes the review status.

But not yet. We’ve this planned to extend events with few additional actions.

Thanks, I’ll be waiting for that, but as we’ve pullrequest commented event in Webhook, Slack and Hipchat; isn’t that possible to add this feature to Redmine integration manually?
Basically, can we change anything on those builtin integrations or not?

Unfortunetly you cannot change it (unless running from the source)

We’ll add a event handler for events.PullRequestCommentEvent to redmine and jira integrations.

Currently your only option would be to use webhook integration, and have a really small webservice handle webhook call and make a redmine comment.

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Thanks, I think using webhook is a good idea. I’ll use that and of course wait for adding this feature in the next version :wink: