Cloning SSH repositories problem

Hi there!

We are trying to clone repositories by SSH protocol, but we do the clone, plink inform that publish key is not founded, althougth it seems to be in the authorization_keys_rhodecode file under .ssh folder.

Any Idea?

maybe you use a wrong user ? it must be the one who runs rhodecode server.

Hi marcin.

No, I’m using validated rhodecode users.

I think it’s going to be confusing if I don’t explain a little bit more my configuration.

I have a community edition installed inside a server with IP with 1002 port and named srvmercurial. Above srvmercurial I’ve a windows server at with a IIS which redirects every rhodecode . requests to srvmercurial.

First picture:
I can access (with my user jcruiz) to the rhodecode website over this uri: and access to one of the mercurial repositories

Second Picture
I can successly clone the hg repository by http, but when I set SSH I can´t.

Third picture.
There’s my mercurial.ini config.

Last picture:
I try to access to access with plink but the server refuses my public key (generated by rhodecode).

Thank you very much.

I think the problem might be because you use user jcruiz, it should be the user who runes the rhodecode server. Maybe it’s rhodecode, or ubuntu? You’d need to verify which user is on the server side, because it’s him that the public key is added to.

You’re right!!!

Now we can clone repositories by ssh. This problem happened because we assume that the use of SSH was only changing http to ssh in the rhodecode repository given URL. But it’s not the way.

We show in the demo environment the possibility of choose between HTTP, HTTP-UID and SSH (picture “demo enviroment”), but we don’t find how to enable this option in admin and our repositories don’t have the dropdown to change between protocols (picture “our environment”).
Can you help us to enable this feature?

Thank you very much!


Hi, is running 4.11 dev version, this will be a part of next release.


Thank you very much!

I’m looking forward to that version!